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Meet our open-source migrated projects!

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How were the projects obtained?

The projects hosted here are the result of an automated migration process from PHP to Java, using the nTile PtoJ product by Numiton.

What do they offer?

From the users' point of view, the translated projects look and behave exactly as the originals. Almost all user documentation applies, so you won't have to re-learn any features.

Behind the scenes though, the code is pure Java - with all the advantages that arise from it.

The motivation

  • to prove that automated software migration, when properly done, is a viable option to manual rewrite.
  • also, to offer the Java community time-proven solutions that have already gained a large user base in their PHP shape.
  • finally, because we had already made them work :-) These are some of the real-life projects used to test and enhance nTile PtoJ.

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